Tuesday, June 4, 2013

They said it better: the good guys with guns myth

I do my best to make my points as clearly and persuasively as I can. Then I come across an article that does a much better job. In those cases, it's best for everyone if I step aside and let the author of that piece do the talking.

Retired pediatrician Wayne Myers wrote a blog post called A Doctor's View of Guns in the Daily Yonder, an online source of news and commentary about small towns.

In his post, Myers discusses his experiences with guns in his rural Maine community and why those experiences made him "skeptical of the 'good guy with a gun' theory". You don't have to witness or patch up too many cases of otherwise good people unwittingly sending bullets into themselves or other good people to come to a similar verdict.

His conclusion tells it all:
If children and adults were infallible, and never got angry, depressed, drunk, curious, delusional, careless, childish, greedy, confused or jealous, guns wouldn't be a problem.

Read the whole piece.

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